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Another rapper gun down and Hip Hop artist murdered,XXXtention only in America

Another rapper gun down and Hip Hop artist murdered,XXXtention only in America. What has Hip Hop became? Many years ago, in the late 70s a group of Caribbean born New Yorkers took out their sound system on the streets in their local community on weekends to play music and with microphones encourage the local community to participate in the mike sessions, to have fun, dance and spit rhymes. And as a results,thus was the birth of Hip Hop and rap music .It was intended to have fun, to spit rhymes and develop local talents.Eventually it became a success and another genre of music was born.Being from the Caribbean I know these brothers accepted everyone in the community,it didnt matter what race or colour you were from,once you were from the communty and spitting rhymes you were accepted.The purpose of Hip Hop was never intended for the use of fire arms against other people. It was never intended to promote the ideas of gangs and gangsters. It was intended to promote developement of the poorer class and to educate them by using poetry. Yet it is used in America for all the wrong reasons,especially among the young black people, you dont have to be in possession of a gun, you dont have to go in jail, you dont have to blame slavery, you dont have to shoot others, you dont have to be involved in drugs, you dont have to drop out of school.We all are poor and we want to prosper, but by whats means?Stop blaming the system, yes we are the minorty but we are living in modern times and there are a lot to offer,start learning to make beats and do something positive.

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